Spesialist programs for individuals

These programs have been developed to ensure that we address your and your child’s specific needs and challenges effectively.

“Moms might not be so “keen” about their “tween”

Is your tween driving you around the bend? Do you rather want to avoid him/her? There is such a need amongst parents to just understand their kids between the ages of 10 and 13 and the kids long to make sense of their changing beings just as badly. We can help! We facilitate a 6-week programme as well as day workshops at R 1 100 per person.

“Lost in loss!!! How do I get unstuck?”

The emotional well-being of our kids is more important than ever. So many of our children and their families have been impacted by the terrible reality of death and the many losses which accompany this. We offer an 8-week programme, which were developed to empower and equip both children and their parents with the necessary skills to deal with these losses and the accompanying trauma. We have two available options; we get together in small groups at R 120 per session or “One on One’ at R 350 per session.

Do not neglect your and your child’s heart issues, the price you pay is just too expensive.

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