What do we offer?

Teach you and your child how to better deal with difficult emotions such as anger, sadness, fear and bullying.

Socio-emotional assessment

The assessment is aimed at understanding how your child experiences his world and the challenges that come with it. The assessment involves a complete process to determine what are the things that are bothering you and what your child’s unique needs are.


During the assessment we look at the following aspects:

After the assessment we give you feedback on how he / she is doing and what are the things that can be worked on. The cost of the socio-emotional assessment is R3050 which is the two-hour assessment; interpretation of the data and include an hour and a half feedback session to you.

Any relationship / event that causes possible discomfort and / or trauma to your child

Your child's experience of his parents' marital or cohabiting relationship

Attachment and your child's sense of security and safety

Your child's experience of peers (peer group) and school

Your child's identity, self-esteem and temperament

Parent guidance session

It involves an hour and a half session during which you outline your circumstances and challenges. Armed with these insights, we then design for you a ‘parenting plan’ according to your specific needs (in which we cover discipline and reward; boundaries; your child’s temperament; time in his world – to name a few aspects) and provide it per email. The cost of this is

R1 950


It is a program aimed at developing children’s Emotional Intelligence and life skills. Children are confronted with difficult situations and the accompanying emotions and do not know how to ‘deal’ with them in an effective way. We look at specific techniques and skills they can use to address this. The program involves a weekly class at your child’s school of 30 – 45 minutes. (If the schools are closed due to Covid, the lessons take place via Zoom) The amount per month is R360 per child for group therapy. With a registration fee of R150


R150 registration fee

Private coaching sessions

Individual coaching and couples coaching sessions are available for

R650 per hour

What do our satisfied parents say?

Do not neglect your and your child’s heart issues, the price you pay is just too expensive.

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